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Let’s share stories, experiences, memories and flavour! 

Kitchen Kind: Kanji Kohanda

Kanji Kohanda has always been excited by food. As a child he learned to appreciate the flavours and intricacies of kaiseki with his family, and later how kaiseki is a feeling as much as it is food.
These family moments have driven the love and passion for sake that forms the foundation for his business, Nomu Saketen.

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Kitchen Kind: Sweet Grape and Rosemary Sourdough Focaccia

We didn’t buy much in my family to my dismay as a teenager growing up craving normality. Our garden fed us and all excess was bottled and preserved for later in the year. We made everything from scratch and bread was a daily process undertaken by either myself or my mother. Sometimes it was a simple country loaf or seeded rolls, other days flatbread but my favourite was always focaccia.

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Kitchen Kind: Zoe Birch

Chef Zoe Birch grew up in a home with the kitchen at its heart. As a child, she and her mother would do the baking competition show circuit every year over the September, October period and baking – bread in particular – has shaped much of her work at her award-winning eight-seater restaurant in Melbourne’s Hurstbridge.

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Kitchen Kind: Calamansi

Fides-Mae Santos who works in Economic Development in the Wyndham City Council is a well respected and admired member of her Filippino community and her Melbourne family. In this Kitchen Kind, she shares the story of an ingredient key to her culture, her heritage, her memories and her future.

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Kitchen Kind: Bloody Maria Cocktail

Rarely will I drink a Bloody Maria laced with booze, but if I do the combination of Amontillado and tequila is the only way I’ll take it. My affection for this combination of rich, salty, umami and spice are sizable. But this recipe does more than satisfy my palate, it has now been consumed so many times and in so many different contexts, a sip stirs all kinds of memories.

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Kitchen Kind: Emely Donegan & Jente van Beek

We see Kitchen Kind as a bit of a love letter to food and drink. Emely Donegan, co-owner of Scrub Hill in Newlyn with her partner, Jente van Beek, took it next-level as she writes to the drink she loves best and shares her memories of comfort and fun with this spicy mix.

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Kitchen Kind: Joanie’s Christmas Cake

Joanie loved to prepare a rich, moist delicious cake full of dried fruits, with loads of butter, mixed spice, and sugar. She never liked dried citrus peel, so you would never find lemon or orange rind in her cakes!

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Kitchen Kind: Ann Houlihan

The Director of Great Ocean Road Gin shares the story of the ritual, routine and heady scents of her mum, Joanie’s, Christmas Cake, with memories so lush and comforting she’s made a gin to honour it.

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Kitchen Kind: Ana Cortes Garcia

Chef Ana Cortes Garcia, head chef of recently opened Beso in Melbourne CBD, reflects on a favourite dish from her childhood in Spain and shares how she has refined it she’s for the menu at her Flinders Lane venue.

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Kitchen Kind: Zenon Misko

In our first Kitchen Kind we speak with Zenon Misko, a great friend of the Victorian Food and Wine Community; he was with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival for nine years. Zenon is behind the Instagram account @roamingbangkok where he explores, tastes and photographs the streets and communities of Bangkok, the city in which he currently resides, with his wife Kitty and their two young children.

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Edible Futures: Ep. 8 Jane Ryan, Editor at Difford’s Guide AustraliaEdible Futures:

In our next episode of Edible Futures, editor of Difford’s Guide Australia, Jane Ryan, talks to us about the importance of a good bartender, the joy of making cocktails and shares her rich experiences and insights into a world of utilising food waste, foraging for cocktail ingredients and the place bottled cocktails hold in an ever-evolving industry.

In partnership with the Melbourne Cocktail Festival

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Edible Futures: Ep. 4 Tom Sarafian, Chef & Founder, Sarafian Melbourne

Melbourne-based chef Tom Sarafian, founded his brand ‘Sarafian Melbourne’ in mid-2021. His hand-made Hummus and Toum sells out regularly across the city. Here, he shares the story of his career, the adventures he’s taken and why hand-picking chickpeas for every batch of hummus may take more time but helps him sleep at night…

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Edible Futures: Ep. 3 John Ford, Founder, Unearthed Co. Mushrooms

Former marine scientist and now, mushroom farmer, Yarra Valley-based John Ford shares his knowledge and love of all things fungi.

He cultivates little-known and very delicious varieties of mushrooms and sells to some leading chefs across Australia.

Wondering about what a Lion’s Mane mushroom is and how to cook it? John shares that and way more about how he sees an edible future.

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Edible Futures: Ep 2. Emma Coath, Managing Director, Rocket Seeder

We talk with Emma Coath, who guides Rocket Seeder, an accelerator for early stage startups in the Food and Agriculture sector in Australia.

She is passionate about helping innovators and founders take their food and agriculture businesses to the next level by providing them with the tools, guidance and support they need to scale up and help create an Edible Future…

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Edible Futures: Ep. 1 Richard Seymour, GM of Mount Zero Olives

Richard Seymour, GM of Mount Zero Olives in the Grampians in western Victoria, shares the story of the family business that has grown significantly since they bought the olive grove in 1994.

Always working towards a sustainable and ethical future in produce and production, Richard discusses how Mount Zero Olives do what they do and wish to do for generations to come.

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Turnip CheckIn: Prisca Daehn, baresop

Amenity waste; it’s a thing. We all chat about food waste in restaurants and cafes but what about amenity waste… Toilet paper, hand soaps, hand towels and/or dryers, do restaurant have access to  products that can help them cut down on amenity waste.

Baresop is a plant-based powder that, with the simple addition of water, makes a hand soap. It’s  delivered with a good looking bottle-to-keep in which to mix the foaming hand soap.

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Turnip CheckIn: Jenna Abbruzzese & Megan Griffey

Last year, saw Megan Griffey and chef Jenna Abbruzzese, business partners and owners of Hawthorn cafe Our Kitchenette, make the permanent change from a cafe to retail and ready-made meals, online and in-store.

The pair have stocked the shop with fresh meals prepared by Jenna as well as beautiful tableware and ceramics, selected by Megan. The change has been embraced by  their regulars and broader community and their catering arm is going strong, so we checked in to see how they’re going as they reopened this week to kick off 2021.

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