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Prisca Daehn


Amenity waste; it's a thing. We all chat about food waste in restaurants and cafes but what about amenity waste... Toilet paper, hand soaps, hand towels and/or dryers, do restaurant have access to  products that can help them cut down on amenity waste.

Baresop is a plant-based powder that, with the simple addition of water, makes a hand soap. It's  delivered with a good looking bottle-to-keep in which to mix the foaming hand soap. It drastically cuts down on single-use plastics; think of all the plastic bottles filled with hands soaps and sanitisers we've used during the pandemic (for starters).. 

 We've been using baresop for a couple of months at home and now, some restaurants in Melbourne are trialling it. We had a chat to baresop founder, Prisca Daehn. 

Prisca Daehn
Tell us about baresop, what is it and what does it do?

baresop – the concept – is simply founded on ‘love for humans and love for our planet. We have reimagined the hand care products to be better for you and our planet.

We do that by making it easy and convenient for you to reduce your single use plastic waste in the bathroom by offering a an active ingredients concentrated hand wash powder to foam soap and a forever refillable bottle, you just add water. This means  you never have to toss out another single use bottle again. When you run out you just order another compostable sachet concentrated soap. 15g of this active ingredients concentrated soap = 300+ pumps of foam soap. How cool is that?

How have the lockdowns over the last 12 months influenced you and your business?

Covid-19 came at a time when our business was in the scientific research stage, which means, we were always going to go to market with a hand wash product – Covid-19 just brough the hand wash to the forefront of the consumers. Suddenly every one needed to frequently wash their hands – and toss just as many single use plastic bottles.

This pushed us to accelerate our market entry pathway so we can offer our customers a planet and skin friendly alternative.

On a personal note, I spent all my time accelerating the baresop market entry pathway – which means whilst it was to some a time to check in, I feel like we haven’t come up for air for a couple of years now.

How are you and what’s your outlook for 2021?

It’s interesting when people ask me how I am nowadays. I actually stop and think. My response lately has been.. actually, I don’t know. That’s the truth. I don’t know. Whilst selfcare and wellness has always been a big part of how I lived my life, we’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to check-in as much as I would like to.


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