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Guy Grossi

Grossi a Casa

Chef Guy Grossi is a friend of Turnip Media. He and his family have poured so much energy and culture into Melbourne’s dining scene at Grossi Florentino, The Grill, The Cellar Bar, Ombra and Arlechin, we had to check in and see how he’s going and find out more about is delivery and takeaway business, Grossi a Casa.  

Guy Grossi
Tell us about Grossi a  Casa?  How long did  it take to set up the business and how do you translate  your brand into people’s homes?

Grossi a Casa is our amazing new home delivery service. It’s an idea we have toyed with for a long time now and with the affects of COVID it forced us to jump into action and thankfully the beautiful people of Melbourne have been so generous and forthcoming with their support.

The food is all the classic dishes we love to cook for our family at home and I think that has translated beautifully. There is something that is heartwarming and restorative with every dish and I think that is an incredibly important aspect at the moment for everyone as we face these tough lockdowns.

The other great thing is that it has allowed our team to continue to look after people. So many of our guests have loved seeing our waiters and managers come to their homes and drop off dinner in their suits! More importantly it has allowed our team to keep doing what we love. That is something that I think has been so important for our morale! As you know we get into this industry because we love to look after people, we always feel privileged to be a part of peoples special occasions and dinners at the restaurant and being able to keep that up has been so important for us.

What have you learned about yourself and our beautiful city of Melbourne during this time?

It’s not hard to get down during times like this and I have to say its a mixture of surreal and scary but what it has reminded me of is that I’m surrounded by an amazing team of people. Our staff body really have rallied together and have gotten around Grossi a Casa. Their enthusiasm and resilience has been heartwarming and has been like a wind in my sails!

What I’ve learnt about Melbourne? Well I wouldn’t call it learning so much as being reminded! This city and its people are resilient, generous and kind! The support from our guests and suppliers has been without boarders from orders to messages of love to simple phone calls to simply check in! It’s been very humbling and I will be forever grateful.

How are you, your family and your teams?

Like all Victorians and indeed Australians we are pushing through! We are all struggling and some days are better than others but our solidarity and determination are getting us through. We are excited to get back into it and breath life back into the streets of our gorgeous city!



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