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Frank Camorra


We spoke with MoVida co-owner and chef Frank Camorra a few days ago and after the announcements today of extended lockdown and gradual easing of restrictions, this is as relevant as ever. The challenges do keep coming, stay well Melbourne. 

Frank Camorra​
What have been the biggest challenges for your businesses in adapting again in the second lockdown?

Where do you begin, the challenges keep coming.

Like most Hospitality businesses the priority  is maintaining a level of revenue, by  creatively adapting our offers, that enable up to make it through this current lockdown.

Reducing expenditure as much as possible that require regular negotiations with landlords and banks.

Of course these pressures are felt by all that are part of Movida, operators, staff, suppliers and our customers.

Tell us about  Menu del Dia, will that continue after restrictions ease?

The “Menu Del Dia”  was the second offer we created as soon as the first lock down began. Initially we tried a retail store in Movida next door. However we quickly realised that the CBD foot traffic was now non-existent.

The “Menu del Dia” is a Box of prepared Spanish comfort style food. Using all the same quality producers we would use in the restaurants but providing something accessibly priced and comforting. In the vain of restaurant and bars all over Spain that provide a well priced nutritious lunch menu of the day for both white collar and blue collar workers. We though this concept would work well for home delivery. Its based on generosity, food for two people over a weekend, breakfast lunch and dinner, while  not  compromising on the quality of ingredients.

How are you, your family and your teams?

Still feels like we are idling in neutral at the moment, waiting for the next lap to begin.

However I can honestly say that the support from all our staff, customers, suppliers and family has been over well-meaningly positive, the amount of good will and love show to Movida has truly been energising and the motivation to ensure we continue.




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