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Nathen Doyle

Heart Attack & Vine

Carlton's Heart Attack & Vine, the small cafe/winebar/place we love is part of the Turnip Media family. It'a a local for us. We're missing them and thought we'd check in to see how co-owner Nathen Doyle and his team are going. 

Nathen Doyle
What has been the biggest challenge for your business in adapting – again – in the second lockdown? 

The biggest challenge has been managing and maintaining resilience and mental health among the staff and ourselves.  Keeping a positive work space has been our focus for the second lock down.

What are you hoping Christmas (Nov/Dec) will look like for hospitality in Melbourne?

We would love for it to be back to normal but realistically we’re hoping that we can find a space where we are able to trade with customers in the venue alongside this virus and not slip back into a lockdown.  It has been reassuring to see other states find some form of normality.  If we can get to a place where we are able to create a great hospitality experience for people that is ultimately a huge plus. 

How are you, your family and your teams? 

We have a great team culture at Heartattack.  While the general mental health has been challenged during this period, overall the team has maintained a positive outlook. 

My partner and I are also keeping pretty well. Like all of us we have been reshaping the way we find joy in everyday.  Simple pleasures and pockets of normality are keeping us sane.  Long walks, takeaway coffee and lots of cooking.

Heart Attack & Vine 



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