Hospo CheckIn: Nicola Romano & Osvaldo Tognella

We checked in with chef Nicola Romano and manager Osvaldo Tognella of Oster Eatery in  Richmond. They opened just seven months ago. 

And, full disclosure, I worked with the boys for three months last year, they are hospo to the bone. 


1. Once the lockdown for non-essential businesses was announced what were your next steps?

We planned to remodel Ostēr from a dine in venue to a takeaway/delivery/grocery shop.

We did a week like that but realised that wasn’t for us.

Being both from Italy and seeing what’s happening over there made us think that closing our doors was the best “Temporary” solution for us and for all the people around.

The safety of our families and community comes before the business.

2. Do you imagine Oster will reopen as is – on the other side of this – or do you need to think differently? 

If Ostēr will reopen, it won’t be the same.

People won’t be the same, their needs will be different.

I believe that this event is having a big impact in what will be the dining scene in the near future.

People are going to need simple and solid concept as well as the service and food.

They won’t dine in fancy and expensive venues for a while.

Ostēr is always been affordable with the right balance on novelty without trying too hard.

It will be a matter of twist and fix a few things for us.

3. How are you both going? How is the Oster family? 

We are trying to be strong, it’s not easy on us, especially when we just started seven months ago.

We are lucky to have such a strong support from our families.

If we can get through this I think that we can get through anything together.


Interview: March 31

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