Hospo CheckIn: Mike Baker, Henry Sugar

We checked in with Mike Baker, chef and co-owner of Henry Sugar Bar in North Carlton. He and his business partner – Daniel Mason (both pictured) are thinking outside the box by making their own hand sanitiser and getting locals involved in their staff meals.

  1. How is the mood in Carlton North?

The mood is tranquil, a bit airy and relatively relaxed. Some customers seem less concerned than others.

2. Have you done anything within the business that you didn’t imagine you’d be doing even a month ago?

I’m making a base spirit to distil in a mates reflux stil to produce a hand sanitiser which we will sell and give away to customers. It’s called Dr Henry’s Hand Sanitiser. It should be ready by this Thursday (March 26) and we will sell it from here and include a small sachet with deliveries for free.

We are also inviting people to eat staff meal with or without us. Tuesday to Sunday we are offering our staff meal to the community for $12 pp. Eat with us (well just four metres from us) or take home. The menu will change daily and be posted by 6 pm the night before. Pre-order before 11 am for a 5 pm pick up on the day.

 3. How are you and your team?

We are trying to stay positive, casual staff have had hours cut, that’s hard.


Interview: March 22