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Hospo CheckIn: Nicola Romano & Osvaldo Tognella

We checked in with chef Nicola Romano and manager Osvaldo Tognella of Oster Eatery in  Richmond. They opened just seven months ago.  And, full disclosure, I worked with the boys for three months last year, they are hospo to the bone.    1. Once the lockdown for non-essential businesses was

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Hospo CheckIn: Tobias Sherson

Former hospo professional, Tobias Sherson has founded the restaurant delivery app, Local Restaurant, with his wife Lauren and a 'techy' neighbour, after a discussion about how to help the industry when lockdown kicked in. It's a restaurant delivery platform that takes no commission, 100% goes back to the business, so

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Hospo CheckIn: Martin O’Connor

Martin O'Connor is a FOH veteran with 30 years experience in this beautiful industry. He's also a hospitality consultant who recently lost his job in light of COVID-19. We checked in with him from his home in Glenelg, South Australia. 1. You lost your job recently, Martin, I’m sorry. If

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Hospo CheckIn: Angie Giannakodakis

Long a respected and hardworking figure in the Melbourne hospo world, Angie Giannakodakis co-owner of Epocha in Carlton and Camberwell's Elyros had a chat to us about where she and her teams are at, at the moment. 1. With the announcement from Premier Daniel Andrews, what changes have you made to

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Hospo CheckIn: Mike Baker, Henry Sugar

We checked in with Mike Baker, chef and co-owner of Henry Sugar Bar in North Carlton. He and his business partner - Daniel Mason (both pictured) are thinking outside the box by making their own hand sanitiser and getting locals involved in their staff meals. How is the mood in

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Hospo CheckIn: Shane Delia, Maha Group

  The first Hospo CheckIn was published on March 21, the night Shane Delia decided to close his Maha group of restaurants. It's just after 6pm and chef Shane Delia and his teams are going into their final service - at restaurants Maha, Maha East and Maha Bar - for

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