Scott Pickett’s Seafood Canapés

Scott Pickett is not only known for his award-winning restaurants but is highly regarded for his high-end catering and these recipes are a testament to that. Scott has been working with OceanMade for many years, meeting the team when he was executive chef at The Point in Albert Park.

Here Scott sits down with us and uses ocean made seafood to create his seafood canapés


Tuna with Davidson Plum

Slice the tuna into 2cmx2cmx4cm blocks

Reduce the chicken stock and Davidson plum juice by half.

Rapidly mix in the cold, cubed butter until a thick glaze is formed.

Season with red wine vinegar and salt.

Allow tuna to temper to room temperature

Brush with Davidson plum glaze.

Dress with pickled wild garlic, a wild garlic flower and some slices of fresh Davidson plum.

Salmon Pearl Tartlet

Salmon pearls resting on Bonito cream on tartlet pastry

Tart spice

Toast all spices and blend until powder.

Tart Dough**

Combine dry ingredients

Rough in diced butter

Incorporate in water

Kneed until smooth dough

Divide and place in fridge

Roll out very fine and line moulds

Blind bake in a pre heated oven at 180c 10-12 mins

Rest and then egg wash and seal for 1 more minute

**You can also buy a good shortcrust pastry.

Bonito Cream

Infuse the cream in a sous vide bag over night

Strain the bonito from the cream

Season the cream with salt , lime juice and a pinch of cayenne

Whip on speed 6 until it holds its on weight just past soft peaks.

Brined Salmon Pearls

Add salt to water and bring to boil

Rest for 1 hour

Strain and cool

Wash salmon roe 3 times

Pour brine over pearls for 10 mins

Drain and reserve

Rusty Wire Oyster, with Bone marrow crust

One dozen Oysters, Rusty Wire or ask your Ocean Made fishmonger what’s good on the day.

Bone Marrow Crust

Roughly chop Marrow and reserve in fridge.

Combine Bone marrow and rest of ingredients by hand



Roll out in between two sheets of paper and set in the freezer

Portion and Freeze

Slice in pieces to just cover the oyster and put under the grill for 3 minutes.




Tuna with Davidson Plum

For the glaze

300 ml chicken stock
150 ml Davidson plum juice
100 gm of cold, cubed butter
1 tuna loin (approx 500 gm)


Salmon Pearl Tartlet

Tart spice

20 gm coriander seed
20 gm black pepper
20 gm white pepper
20 gm juniper

Tart Dough**

350 gm plain flour
25 gm caster sugar
5 gm fine salt
1 pinch tart spice
280 gm butter (diced small cold)
85 ml cold water

Bonito Cream

20 gm bonito flakes
450 gm double cream


Brined Salmon Pearls

1 litre water
20 gm salt
200 gm Salmon roe

 Bone Marrow Crust

180 gm chopped Marrow
100 gm butter
3 egg yolks
440 gm Panko crumbs toasted
20 gm chopped parsley
Zest of 2 lemons
White pepper
Pinch cayenne
Soak bone marrow in ice water overnight to purge
Rinse and dry marrow