We tell stories, create content and form and nurture connections for producers, growers, purveyors and the hospitality industry.



What is Turnip?

Content. Connection. Community.


The name, Turnip Media, is inspired by Lord Charles ‘Turnip’ Townshend who encouraged 

people to adopt the age-old, four-crop rotation system during the Agricultural Revolution 

in 18th century Britain. The system allowed for diversity in agriculture and encouraged soil 

health. It was a clever way to feed more people well within a set piece of land. 


This digital Turnip creates content and shares stories of those in the food, drink, hospitality and agriculture industries.


Turnip Media creates content, nurtures media connections and builds community. We tell and share the stories of those who create, cook, serve, preserve, ferment, raise, grow and develop, always with the long-term in mind.